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“As Covid numbers are on the decline, and everyone is getting their vaccines, we have been getting more and more events coming our way! I think we all need some time in front of a good band this summer, and I don’t think I am alone with that statement!

We have been doing the best we can with the cards we have been dealt, and I am hopeful that we will be holding a full house soon! “

~ Mark Hartzell, CEO of SDPEvent

SDP in 2023 - A Phoenix rising!

2022 is over and actually a record year for us us in sales.  No one was more surprised than I was!  Sure we worked hard, put in the time, 95% of our regular events came back, as well as picked up several new accounts.  So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.  If anything, the past 2 years has taught me to not take anything for granted.  All of us here at SDP Event are ready to work hard for you!

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About Us

Sound Decision Productions is a family owned company located in Muskego, Wisconsin, with over twenty-five years experience in concert audio, video, staging, and lighting production. Whether we are servicing our regional clients in Milwaukee, Illinois, and Michigan, or doing a cross-country national tour, SDP will exceed your expectations.

The equipment we use is of a “national rider” caliber and is meticulously maintained. Every system is checked to ensure a worry free event. Feel free to browse the website and check out some of the services we offer and the product lines we use.

“The right gear with the right attitude”

The Latest...

Oconomowoc WI High School graduation almost didn’t happen!

2-3″ of hail fell within 20 minutes  – after everyone left for the day.  This was at 8pm the day before the graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony started at 10am, pictured here is around 8am.  Thanks to some early arriving volunteers, all the snow was removed!  The gear fired up fine – and SDP was able to get it done!

It was a gloomy day, but the sound was fantastic!  Thanks to SDP Event and Coda!

The tarp blew off of 3 of the racks during the high winds.  They really got soaked! Thanks to the OHS athletic dept. and a special thanks to Adam Weiss with the IT dept at OHS for coming up with the idea of putting the equipment in a room with the heat cranked along with a very large dehumidifier overnight.

Led Zeppelin Tribute band “get the led out” performs flawlessly with coda’s airay!

10 Coda AiRay tops (8-90deg over 2-120deg) with 4 SCP subs per side.  Subs configured in a cardioid setup for LF rejection on stage.

Chris Chalfin, PM / FOH for the band (shown on the LT next to Mark Hartzell with SDP) said recently after a performance at the Coronado Theater in Rockford Illinois: "Every time I mix a show on a CODA system, I get a significantly higher number of compliments from fans about how good the show sounded."

SDP Rocks out with Jake Owen at Lambeau Field!


Huge season kickoff weekend in Green Bay!  Jake Owen performs in front of 20,000 fans.  Coda’s new AiRay speaker system was there in force!

Thanks to all that pushed the limits to help put this event together:

Michael Creason from Coda US, who was a massive help in prep work, as well as in field setup/ tuning. Luke Jenks and Sarah Phykitt from Coda US as well, doing behind the scenes magic.
Bill Danilczyk and Stephen Swope on site from ESP, who provided additional Coda gear as well as the Linus control programming- making the setup day a breeze. SDP’s own Paul Leitner, who’s setup talents (and great job mixing the opener) helped make this day a success!
Mark Hartzell CEO of SDP (Muskego, WI) on the left - Bill Danilczyk CEO of ESP (Edgewood, NY) on the right.
Paul Leitner with SDP showing a hand how it's done.
Paul getting the opener checked

We used a “splayed end fire” sub array for the project.  With such a large coverage area (350′ deep by 650′ wide), we needed a lot of sub energy – but not on the stage.  The splayed end fire configuration not only kept the LF off the stage, but spread it out over the whole listening area quite evenly.

Coda gear used – 46 AiRay, 8 ViRay, 24 SCP-F, 12 SC2-F, 24 Linus 14D amps.

Here are a few pictures during a drive-in service for Greater New Birth church in Milwaukee

Greater New Birth 38th Anniversary Celebration!
250 cars in attendance!

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