“National Rider” Caliber Equipment Audio


It all starts with the equipment. Here at SDP, we have found that the best gear yields the best results, so we spare no expense. Most of our equipment is less than five years old and in prime condition. We keep it busy year round so maintenance is a full-time job! Our corporate clientele appreciate the fresh appearance of our well-maintained inventory. Touring acts appreciate the speed in which the equipment goes together – saving them time and money!

Audio systems are calibrated using the latest software and digital processing. We are often hired out to “dial in” other sound company systems as well.


SDP has some of the most talented Lighting designers and equipment at your disposal. Often times, a great light show makes the performance!


It all starts with the backline. For the artist, their instruments are the conduit from their soul to the fans. There must be a high level of comfort and familiarity on their instrument to get the most satisfaction from a given performance. Let SDP provide that level of performance with the meticulously maintained backline. Why worry about the details of having the exact guitar amp or keyboard rig? Let us handle all your production needs!


Video can be a vital part of any corporate function or the WOW factor at a concert event. Let us put together a presentation for you that will do more than getting the job done!

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