SDP Event has been busy this summer deploying their incredible flagship AiRay system by Coda.   It was truly a delight to hear the comments after working with it!

Chris Chalfin, PM / FOH for the band Get The Led Out said recently after a performance at the Coronado Theater in Rockford Illinois: “Every time I mix a show on a CODA system, I get a significantly higher number of compliments from fans about how good the show sounded.”

Elliott Hill from The Entertainment Company had this to say after a week long run at Ozaukee County Fair in Cedarburg Wisconsin: “The CODA pa system that you put up is one of the best sounding systems that I’ve ever heard! The power, clarity and bass response was amazing!”

Coda is a well respected manufacturer in Europe, and only recently started distributing their products in the United States.  The high power /extreme clarity in a relatively small package is what is setting Coda apart from other manufactures.  It is also the reason for the high praise it is getting in the field.  Coda is built in Germany, utilizing very well packaged, technology driven, cutting edge products. In particular, the AiRay cabinet is in a league of its own! Coda has developed a mid/high Dual Diaphragm Planar wave driver, that is incredibly efficient, extremely powerful, lightweight, and distortion free.

Coda’s “Sensor Controlled” sub-woofers are simply put, the best we have ever heard! In the 30 plus years of doing audio, I’ve never heard such a well defined, controlled low end. They play incredibly well and tight with the AiRay tops. You really must hear this system to believe it!!

SDP added to the Coda inventory earlier this year with several HOPS8T point source boxes.  A small format multipurpose box used for front fill, corporate breakout rooms, and even stage monitors.  Same sonic signature as the AiRay, so it blends well as a front fill.  We hope to further expand in 2022 with the ViRay line, as well as more AiRay and SCP subs.  Let’s go!


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