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Exciting news for 2020!!  SDP Event is headed into the next decade with a new, state of the art loudspeaker manufacturer!!  We are very proud to have taken possession of one of the first Coda rigs in the USA!  Coda is a well respected manufacturer in Europe, and only recently started distributing their products in the United States.

Coda is built in Germany, utilizing very well packaged, technology driven, cutting edge products. In particular, the AiRay cabinet is in a league of its own!  Coda has developed a mid/high  Dual Diaphragm Planar wave driver, that is incredibly efficient, extremely powerful, lightweight, and distortion free.

Coda’s  “Sensor Controlled”  sub-woofers are simply put, the best we have ever heard!  In the 30 plus years of doing audio, I’ve never heard such a well defined, controlled low end.  They play incredibly well and tight with the AiRay tops.  You really must hear this system to believe it!!

To experience it for yourself, contact us for a demo!

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  • "Some companies have great gear, and some have pro techs. Sound Decision has both - all with a great attitude! That's why I use them.""
    Neil Gifford
    The Rockerfellers
  • "When I use SDP, I can focus on other elements of our show because I know I'm getting top-notch professional sound and lighting.
    Bob Bognar
    Pocket Change
  • "Sound Decision Productions has been our sound company for the past 13 years. Mark and his crew always do an exceptional job- I would highly recommend his company to anyone"
    Elaine Kroening
    Positively Pewaukee

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